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Senior Advisory Board

In early 2009, the THIPA Senior Advisory Board Committee was created. 12 THIPA Medicare Advantage HMO Members were selected to meet monthly with THIPA's executive team and asked to communicate their concerns about their medical care, pose questions about THIPA and provide thoughts about improvements and new services they would like to see.

The Senior Advisory Board members are all South Bay residents. Some have been seeing THIPA doctors for over 25 years while others are new to THIPA. What is really exciting is that Senior Advisory Board's ideas have contributed to the creation of many new and valued programs at Torrance Health IPA (THIPA).

One of the most successful ideas they created was the THIPA newsletter. The Board members wanted more information about THIPA so they could better understand how THIPA relates to their health care. They also wanted to know more about the services that they were entitled to as a THIPA, that THIPA provides above and beyond what their health plan covers.

With their guidance and direction the newsletter was created and has been mailed to THIPA members to deliver education, health information and resources to help manage their health care.

Having the executive staff present is important because the members concerns, questions and ideas are being heard directly by the leaders of the organization.

At THIPA, we strive to continously improve our services to our members and we value the great input we receive from our THIPA Senior Advisory Board Members.

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