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Language Assistance Program

Request interpreter services
If your patient needs interpreter services for any language, call Provider Services at (800) 541-6652. California health plans provide free of charge to all their members, oral interpretive services to LAP members at all medical points of contact. This does not apply to senior members.

Health Plan Oral Translation Services

Health Plans

Oral Interpretation Contact Number


aenta health insurance


Anthem Blue Cross

anthem health insurance


Blue Shield of CA

blue shield health insurance


Care 1st

care 1st medicare health insurance



cigna health insurance


Health Net

healthnet health insurance


After Hours Interpreter Assistance

(6:00 pm -8:00am)



humana medicare health insurance




United Healthcare

united health care health insurance


Tips for Working With Telephonic Interpreters

Telephonic interpreter services allow for immediate contact with a professional interpreter. Here are some strategies to optimize communication:

  • If possible, speak to the interpreter privately prior to the contact, providing relevant information regarding the member and the important information to convey.
  • Interpreters are not allowed to rephrase or clarify. Encourage the interpreter to request clarification or to redirect explanations as needed.
  • Direct the conversation to the member, not the interpreter. • Use short sentences limited to a single concept if possible. • Allow adequate time for the interpreter to convey the information in the member’s language.
  • Avoid medical jargon or technical explanations unless they are requested by the member. • Avoid interrupting the interpreter. • If the member’s non-verbal cues indicate confusion, ask the member to summarize or restate what has been communicated.

We at Torrance Health IPA sincerely hope this information is useful in your everyday encounters with Limited English Proficient members.

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