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Torrance Memorial Care Coordination Center

Why should I go to the Post-Hospital Follow-Up Appointment at the Torrance Memorial Care Coordination Center after I am discharged from the hospital?

Discharge time may be hectic. Information important to your recovery is given when you are discharged from the Emergency Department, Hospital, or Skilled Nursing Facility, but you may have questions when you get home. Studies have shown that people do not remember all the instructions given to them during this time and this can affect the recovery process.

"The doctor was very informative and explained everything in a dear manner. She was so helpful and this office is a great resource. Very beneficial as a follow up appointment." - A pleased visitor

How is the Torrance Memorial Care Coordination Center going to help me?

The Comprehensive Care Center will provide a less hurried environment in which your discharge instructions will be reviewed again by a doctor or nurse practitioner that is committed to your recovery. By coming into the center, you and your family will have ample time with the doctor or nurse practitioner who will go over your discharge instructions, your medical condition, test results, medication list, follow-up plans, and answer any questions you may have.

"The most valuable 45 minutes I've spent since discharge." - A pleased visitor

Who will be seeing me at the Torrance Memorial Care Coordination Center?

Dr. Ujjwala Dheeriya is a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor who has 12 years of experience in primary care and hospital medicine.

Experienced Nurse Practitioners, Amy Kim , NP, and Kristen Kwong, NP, and work closely with Dr. Dheeriya. They will be coordinating care with your hospitalist, your primary care doctor, consultants, home health nurse, and ambulatory case manager.

What should I bring with me to my visit?

In order to ensure a more meaningful visit, please bring the following with you:

• All the discharge information given to you by the hospital or nursing home including the discharge medication list

• All the medication bottles you have at home: prescribed by any physician, vitamins, herbal drugs, and over the counter medications

• Any family member or caretaker who is actively involved in your care

• Your pharmacy name and phone number

What is the cost?

You will be billed your co-insurance amount. Dr. Alexander J. Shen, Inc. is the provisional corporation for Torrance Memorial Hospitalist Associates, and professional charges will be billed on this name. For any questions regarding your physician bill please contact our billing office 310 891-6710.



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