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3 Steps for Hassle-Free Prescription Refills

If you take prescription medication on a daily basis, you want to be sure that you have the medicine you need when you need it. Follow these three steps to avoid problems.

1. Keep your most recent prescription bottle in a safe place. The label on your bottle tells you how many refills you have remaining. It also tells you the expiration date of your prescription. It provides your prescription number, important dosing information, your doctor’s name and your pharmacy telephone number.

2. Call your pharmacy first. Always call your pharmacy one week before you run out of your medication to ask for a refill or a renewal if no refills are left. The pharmacy can refill a prescription or request a renewal from your doctor.

3. Two days later, follow up with your pharmacy. Confirm that your refill is ready, or if the pharmacy had to call your doctor for a renewal you’ll ensure that a new prescription was provided. In some cases, your doctor may not provide a new prescription until you visit the office for a physical exam or blood work. In that instance you still have time to call and make an appointment with your doctor before you run out of your medication.

Money Saving Tip: You can get deeper discounts on medication at Sam’s Club and Costco Pharmacies. You don’t need a membership, anyone can use the pharmacy.

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