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4 Ways to Stop Sniffling, Sneezing and Itchy, Watery Eyes!

1. Diagnose Your Allergies Properly

Make an appointment with an allergist to discover exactly what you’re allergic to.

“We do allergy testing,” says Dr. Madani. “This is nothing more than a scratch on the back—no needles are involved. After 25 minutes we can tell if the person is allergic to any test substance such as wheat, mold or dust mites.”

2. Clean Up Your Environment

Remove the allergen from your life, or at least lessen your exposure to it.

• Use a HEPA air purifier machine in your bedroom to clean the air.

• Eradicate dust mites in your home. Freezing dust mites kills them. Wrap your pillow or blanket in plastic and leave in the freezer overnight. Then use anti-dust mite fabrics to cover your mattress, pillows and blankets.

• Eradicate mold. Ventilate your home, especially the bathroom and kitchen. Use a dehumidifier set to 45% humidity. Fix any plumbing leaks. Wash visible mold with a solution of half bleach and half water.

3. Wash Your Nasal Passages

“One of the best treatments for allergies is a normal saline wash in the nose to wash all of those pollens away and help the sputum move the allergens back so they don’t stay in one place” says Dr. Madani.

Normal saline solution is available over-the-counter at any drugstore.

4. Use The Appropriate Medication

Use a daily nasal spray. And for some, an antihistamine such as Claritin® or Zyrtec®. In severe cases, allergy shots can be used.

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