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Happy Retirement to Beloved Cardiologist Benjamin Rosin, M.D.!

For 47 years Dr. Rosin has been helping seniors like you improve their heart health and their lives. He was on the front lines as medicine uncovered remarkable, life-saving advancements in cardiac care. He’s also one of the early physician pioneers who created THIPA.

On the eve of his retirement, Senior Living asked Dr. Rosin to reflect on helping thousands of THIPA patients over the years as a cardiologist.

“Years ago, 33% those who suffered a heart attack died. Today, we save all but 1%,” says Dr. Rosin. “It’s really rewarding when someone comes in with a heart attack and we’re able to do something for them, usually within one day and send them home.”

“As you get more information you can treat patients more safely and effectively. Today we understand the value of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and getting people to stop smoking. We can avoid surgery with lifestyle interventions and good medication.”

“For example, when I started out if you had blocked arteries we’d have to set youup for a surgical bypass,” explains Dr. Rosin. “Now we can dilate and stent the arteries to improve blood flow. Many patients are able to go home in a day and we can avoid major surgery. This wasn’t even heard of 30 years ago.”

One reason Dr. Rosin can provide his patients with latest advances is THIPA’s affiliation with Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

“Torrance Memorial Medical Center is a great hospital,” says Dr. Rosin. “The nurses are unbelievable. The doctors are unbelievable. The equipment is unbelievable. There’s no better place to work in the country as far as I’m concerned.”

As Dr. Rosin’s career as a cardiologist ends, he’s turning his attention to his family.

“I’m going to miss my patients but retirement is an opportunity to make up to my wife all the time I’ve spent away from her working as a doctor. I really haven’t seen her much at all for the last 44 years!”

On behalf of THIPA, we’d like to say thank you Dr. Rosin for your wonderful work over the last 47 years. We wish you a very happy retirement.

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