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In Memoriam John Barrington 1926-2013

John Barrington passed away in his sleep on May 28th at his Torrance home at the age of 87. John was a life-long Torrance resident. He served on the THIPA Senior Advisory Board and was a THIPA member since 1983. He was also President of the Board of Directors at Torrance Memorial Medical Center and served as a volunteer administrator of the hospital for ten months.

John was instrumental in the relocation and expansion of the hospital from its original site in Old Torrance to its present location in 1971. Three years ago, John talked about how difficult it was to raise money for construction of the new hospital.

“We got to a point where we needed money to continue building the hospital. We had a couple of floors left to go and we didn’t have the cash. I was working in the fireworks booth at the Kiwanis Club and I got a call that we were going to have to suspend the project. I called the late George Post, who was a local banker that had been on the hospital Board of Directors, to see if he could use his connections to help. Thanks to George, by 9 AM the next morning I had a couple hundred thousand bucks to continue the hospital.”

When the new Torrance Memorial opened its doors, John was also instrumental in making sure the doctors were as high-caliber as the new building.

“We wanted to make sure that we had a good Emergency Room doctor,” John explained. “At that time we had only 3 ER doctors, and now there are upwards of 27.”

“The doctors,” said John, “are the ones who have really made the difference in the quality of medical care. They’ve turned Torrance Memorial into the cutting-edge hospital it is today.”

John Barrington also made a difference. His work has improved the lives of thousands of people in our community. We thank you John, for your service.

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