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The Truth about Aging and Allergies

If you’ve noticed that your allergies have grown worse with each passing year, or if you’re starting to experience allergies for the first time in your life, you’re not alone.

According to allergist Dr. Ghodsi Madani, seniors are more likely to suffer from seasonal allergies. If you do suffer from symptoms, as a senior your symptoms will be more severe.

“Aging brings with it more allergies,” says Dr. Madani. “And not just seasonal allergies either, but allergies of all kinds. The reason is that when you’re young you have a lot more cells called mast cells which capture anything foreign in the body, from pollen to parasites. As long as mast cells are taking care of these invaders you won’t suffer allergy symptoms.”

Losing Your Allergy Defenders: Mast Cells and Cilia

As you get older, your body simply doesn’t produce as many mast cells. Suddenly, pollen, grass, mold and many other kinds of substances you breathe in or eat can begin to cause more allergy symptoms.

But having too few mast cells isn’t the only reason for your allergies.

“You’re also exposed to a larger number of pollens, grasses, molds and other foreign invaders” says Dr. Madani. “It’s because you’ve also lost cilia, the tiny hair-like structures that line your nasal passages and sweep away allergens so they can’t get into your nose, throat and lungs.”

55% of Americans test positive for at least one allergen, according to the Centers for Disease Control.These allergens can even include prescription medications!

Dr. Madani has found that blood pressure medications like ACE inhibitors can cause persistent cough and upper airway symptoms in some people. If you’re suffering allergy symptoms, be sure and talk to your doctor or make an appointment with an allergist.

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