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Your Hospital Discharge Checklist


• Do you know what each of your medications does?
• Do you know how, when and for how long to take your medications?
• Do you know what side effects to watch for? What to do if you have them?
• Do you know how you will get your prescriptions filled?

Follow-up Care

• Do you know what doctor visits or tests you will need in the coming weeks? Are the appointments made?
• Do you know how you will get to your doctor’s appointments?
• Do you know which doctor to call if you have problems or questions?
• Do you know which symptoms to watch for? And what to do if you have them?
• Will you need any special equipment at home such as oxygen or a walker?
• Do you know who to call if you need more supplies or have questions about using the equipment?

Home Help

• Will you need help with bathing, getting dressed, using the bathroom? What about grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning or driving?
• If yes, is there someone at home who can help you?
• If not, can you ask friends or family for help?
• If necessary, can you hire help?
• Are you eligible for home health services?
• If so, do you have an agency?

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