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Meet Carmen Morales, M.D.

Dr. Carmen Morales gives almost every senior patient the same important advice.

“I tell them to always keep a pill organizer as well as a list that details what each medicine is for,” says Dr. Morales. “This is important because sometimes seniors may be given two different medicines from different doctors for the same problem, or a ‘use as needed’ medicine turns into a chronic medication.”

Dr. Morales has been taking care of seniors with complex medical problems since her residency at Harbor UCLA. A Stanford Medical School graduate, Dr. Morales prides herself in helping seniors understand how the body changes with age.

“Many people face new health challenges such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol or new aches and pains with age,” says Dr. Morales. “It’s important to understand that your body changes and you need to listen to it. I try to help patients modify their activities and habits while helping them to remain active and enjoy life.”

In addition to learning about your health challenges, Dr. Morales says regular visits to your primary care physician are a critical component of good health.

“Patients of all ages need to understand the importance of visiting their primary care physician on a regular basis, even when they’re feeling well,” explains Dr. Morales. “Why? Because we can catch problems before they make a permanent impact on your health.”

Dr. Morales loves getting to the know the seniors that she takes care of as well as their families.

“As a family practice doctor, I get to see patients of all ages. Sometimes three generations of the same family,” says Dr. Morales. “I think most patients will find that not only am I here to serve their health needs, but to hopefully form a lasting relationship.

Dr. Morales’ family practice is located in Carson. For more information, contact her office at 310-233-3203.